Franklin, Tenn Unveiling Monument to Enslaved People from the City and Area

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    This is a great project. The people of Franklin, Tennessee are committed to telling FULL STORY of their past. Over the last several years they have created many programs to tell the story of Free and Enslaved African Americans in their city. Last month they erected large historical markers on slavery in the city, the local men who joined the United States Colored Troops during the Civil War, Emancipation in the city, the city's post-war race riot, the history of lynchings there, and the triumphs of the Reconstruction Era. Now they are erecting a memorial to their county's enslaved people.
    Today I wrote to the organizers "You folks are inspiring to all of us. I don't have many readers in Tennessee, but just know that your work is felt beyond your community."

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    Why is it in McGavock Cemetery?

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